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About Stage Two

Stage Two provides clear guidance from the Technical Review Team (TRT) as to what is expected. The TRT provides a pre-application submittal review of all documents and plans and provides a written report detailing the permits and licenses required. If a project does not require a meeting with the TRT, an applicant may request one, at their discretion.

During a Stage Two review, each TRT department will complete the appropriate documentation indicating what permits, licenses, and/or modifications to the project are necessary. Applicants will receive a TRT Report which will include the recommendations from each TRT department and a prescription for moving the project forward.

Who is Required to Submit Projects for the TRT to Review?

All commercial, office, and residential projects over two units shall be required to submit the documents prior to filing a formal application package with a Permit Granting Authority. If you have any questions determining if your potential project needs review, please contact the Building Department and/or Planning Board Office.

Submitting Documentation to the Technical Review Team

The TRT meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9 a.m. Applicants looking for permits within Framingham are required to submit electronically, a project narrative, reports, and impact statements related to the potential project, and site plans to the Planning Board Office. Documents must be submitted by Wednesday, at least two weeks prior to the next Technical Review Team meeting.

Electronic Submittal
Email the Planning Board Your Submittal
Use Subject Line: "Technical Review Team Documentation"

Technical Review Team Required Documentation Requirements

In order for the TRT to adequately review a project, an applicant shall submit the following documentation as applicable for review two Wednesdays prior to the TRT Meeting.

  • Reports (Community Impact, Stormwater, Traffic, etc.)
  • Site Plans
  • Architectural Plans
  • Other Supporting Documents

What the Applicant can expect from the TRT

  • A clear prescription of all required permits and licenses necessary to complete the project;
  • Suggestions and recommendations for the project to ensure an efficient and timely review;
  • Topics and Items of Review is a list of common review questions from each of the respective departments. The applicant's team is expected to take suggestions or recommendations under consideration for revisions to the project;
  • An understanding of who the permitting and/or licensing Department contacts are;
  • Ensures that all required permits and/or licensing authorities know what permits and/or licenses are required to ensure that the permitting process is cohesive and efficient for all; and
  • Clear outline of the next steps.

Applicants choosing to bypass Stage Two may be subject to have their project reviewed by the TRT upon receiving a complete application at the risk of extending the length of review. Stage Two is not only beneficial for the applicant but also allows the TRT to ensure that stages three and four are clearly understood by the applicant and the process is efficiently managed.

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