Stage One - Pre-Project Planning

About Stage One

All applicants are encouraged to start at Stage One with a preliminary meeting which allows the applicant and the City to have a conversation about the possible site development and the specifics of the permitting process. Stage One allows Framingham to inform the applicant about possible financial resources to assist with project development. There are no obligations from either side as a result of this meeting; it is strictly informational.

To start Stage One, an applicant will need to fill out the Meeting Request Form (PDF) or email the Planning Board Office to schedule a meeting with the Planning Board Administrator and/or the Building Commissioner.

Flow chart of stage one that flows into stage two

What the Applicant Can Expect from the Preliminary Meeting

  • To better understand what is and is not allowed on a specific property;
  • If a property has not been located for a new business or expansion of an existing business, this can be discussed with the potential to find a property;
  • To better understand the potential permitting process for applicants that are preparing for stage two;
  • Establish a clear idea of what will be required of both the applicant and the City of Framingham;
  • Determine availability of financial resources that support company growth such as financing, workforce training, etc.; and
  • Establish the next steps.

Applicants are not expected to have site plans or official application submittal materials at a stage one meeting but are encouraged to bring whatever preliminary documents are available.


Planning Board Office
150 Concord Street
Room B14
Email the Planning Board
Phone: 508-532-5450

Building Department
150 Concord Street
Room 203
Phone: 508-532-5500

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