Meter Replacement Program

The City of Framingham initiated a comprehensive water meter replacement program to:

  • Improve the efficiency of meter reading and water billing
  • Increase the quality of customer service by eliminating the need for estimated bills

When Meters Need Replacement

The replacement of meters is required due to their age and serviceability. Water meters have a useful life of 12 to 15 years after which the accuracy may diminish.

Meter Replacement Procedure

In most cases, meter change out is a simple procedure that requires an hour or less. The new system will include automatic meter reading technology that will:

  • Save staff time
  • Prevent recording errors
  • Eliminate estimated readings
  • Minimize the need for personnel to go on the property

The meter reading system provides the ability to detect if a leak is occurring in your plumbing system. For example, leaks can occur in toilets without your knowledge resulting in high water bills. Downsizing of existing meters installed in commercial properties is a new program initiated by the Water Department to better account for water consumption in the City of Framingham.

Replacement for Existing Accounts

Water meters will be replaced in existing properties at no cost to the owner. New valves may need replacement in order for the meter to be replaced. The new meters include a remote reading device mounted inside or outside the structure eliminating the need for the Water Department to obtain access to the building to read the meter.

New Domestic & Irrigation Accounts

Domestic and irrigation meters for new construction must be purchased by the property owner before making an appointment with the City for installation. The property owner must also purchase new irrigation meters in existing properties prior to installation. Specifications for these meters can be obtained at the Framingham Water Department.