The City of Framingham is committed to increasing sustainability both in its own operations and Citywide. Sustainability means many things in a City like Framingham and we use multiple means to strive for it. This effort impacts energy consumption and environmental issues and our efforts are still evolving across multiple City Departments. This page identifies some of the ways that the City is working to make strides towards sustainability.

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Green Communities

View the Green Communities Action Plan (PDF).

Framingham was designated a Green Community in 2014, recognizing the City as a committed energy-conscious and green entity. Green Communities qualifies the City for energy grants-in 2014 the City was awarded over $300,000 to develop an energy efficient lighting system for the Framingham Public Library in addition to other projects.

Steps to Green Communities

As a Green Community, Framingham accomplished or committed to these goals:

  • Adopt an expedited permitting process for energy facilities
  • Adopt the Stretch Code which requires more efficient materials for all new construction
  • Create as-of-right zoning for renewable energy generation, R&D, or manufacturing
  • Establish an energy use baseline and develop a plan to reduce energy use by 20% in the next 5 years
  • Purchase only fuel-efficient vehicles

Learn more about the State DOER Green Communities Designation Program.

LEAP (Local Energy Action Plan)

The City developed a LEAP plan which examined how our municipal, residential, and commercial sectors can work together to reduce their energy consumption over 5 years. City Staff, working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and a team of key stakeholders developed four milestones for City-wide Energy reduction:

Current Sustainability Initiatives
  1. By 2020, reduce Framingham community energy use by 20%
  2. By 2020, increase the percentage of Framingham's renewable energy production by 10%.
  3. Create a communications strategy for continued Clean Energy Outreach and Education
  4. Develop a strategy for Framingham to sustain its clean energy efficiency and generation efforts.

For more information, contact the Community and Economic Development Division.


Using a federal grant from the U.S. EPA, the City helps commercial property owners investigate environmental conditions on qualifying sites in Framingham which are being considered for redevelopment. The EPA defines a brownfield site as "real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant." The City has had an active Brownfields Redevelopment Program since 2007. For more information visit our Brownfields page.

ESCO (Energy Service Contract)

The ESCO analyzes and quantifies the feasibility of installing energy conservation measures (ECMs) in municipal buildings.The City’s expenditure of $3.6 million for recommended ECMs will achieve savings of over $300,000 a year that pays off the debt so the projects pay for themselves. ECMs include street light & building lighting systems, upgrades to new boilers, HVAC upgrades and weatherization improvements. The Framingham ESCO contract with Framingham-based Ameresco was authorized at the Annual Town Meeting in Spring 2014.


The City is increasing solar energy capacity-both in the public and private sector - in a number of ways. As part of the Green Communities criteria, the City designated three distinct properties as target zones for expedited permitting of as-of-right solar installations.

Herb Connolly Auto Group Solar Panels

Framingham also boasts a number of high-visibility private sector solar installations, including solar canopies at REI on Route 30, at Staples in the 9/90 Office Park just off Route 9 near MassPike Exit 12, the ADESA Boston site on Western Avenue, and Shoppers World. Many will also notice the impressive solar array installed by MassDOT in the high-visibility, unused “cloverleaf” land at Exit 13. This solar gateway sends a message to the rest of the region - many of whom enter Framingham from that exit - that Framingham is a sustainable place. Many individual homes in Framingham also benefited from the “Solarize Framingham” partnership with Next Step Living as well as other companies in the area who offer solar energy deals for almost every price range and home type.