Worcester Road Sewer Pump Station Elimination

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The current Worcester Road Pumping Station collects and pumps wastewater from a large area of the city. It is an old station and needs to be upgraded for several reasons. The pumping and control systems are old and need to be improved; the station and associated piping systems have insufficient capacity during high flows; and it is the second largest producer of hydrogen sulfide in the City's sewer system. Hydrogen sulfide is a major cause of corrosion and deterioration of sewer pipes.

The Worcester Road Pumping Station Elimination Project will increase capacity, reduce hydrogen sulfide generation, and provide for more efficient and reliable operation. It includes replacement of the existing Worcester Road Pumping Station and the elimination of the Kittredge Road Pumping Station. Key project components will be a new wastewater pumping station, 7,500 feet of new gravity sewer, 3,400 feet of new pressure sewer force main, and the abandonment of the two existing pumping stations (Worcester Road and Kittredge Road).

Project Map