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Posted on: April 19, 2018

Framingham Public Works 2018 Scheduled Construction Projects

Framingham Public Works

2018 Scheduled Construction Projects

Dudley Road Multi-Use Path- Phase 2 - The proposed work consists of a ten foot wide, paved multi-use path, approximately 1,000 feet in length, beginning at the terminus of the Phase 1 path (Dr. Harvey Cushing Way) and continuing north along the east side of Dudley Road, ending at the intersection of Dudley Road and Mt. Wayte Avenue. At this point, striped on-road buffered bike lanes will be installed on Mt. Wayte Avenue to Union Avenue, a distance of approximately 2,500 feet.  This project is expecting to be completed by mid-May. This project is funded in part through a Complete Streets grant.

Fountain Street Roadway and Utility Improvements - This project will improve approximately 2,500 feet of roadway, provide an upgraded intersection and traffic signals at Dudley Road and new sidewalks and bike lanes along Fountain Street east of Winter Street. Wheelchair ramps and driveway aprons conforming to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements will be included. The overall intent is to improve pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular circulation between Winter Street and Waverly Street as well as safety for all users of this corridor.

The project will also improve the existing drainage system and rehabilitate water and sewer systems, as sections of those systems are in disrepair and not meeting current needs. Utility work will be the focus of the work completed in 2018.

Indian Head Water Storage Tank Replacement - This project is in its second year of construction, as the City replaces the existing 3.5 million gallon tank with two 1.75 million gallon tanks. The smaller, narrower profile of the two tanks not only sit better on the site they will allow redundancy in the system when repairs are needed.  The project site design has considered access, security, stormwater management and landscape screening improvements.

Marble Street Roadway Improvements - In addition to improved vehicle access through roadway widening, a new stretch of continuous sidewalk on the northern edge of the Marble Street will permit pedestrians a separated safe passage through the corridor. Old drainage, water, and sewer utilities under the road will also be upgraded to ensure the new road structure will not need to be excavated for City utility repairs in the near future. Additional lighting for pedestrians is also included in this project. This project is being funded through a MassWorks grant.


North Concord Roadway Improvements - The City is advancing phase one of a major roadway restoration project on the northern section of Concord Street (Route 126) to improve sidewalk, roadway, and drainage conditions in the area. Proposed improvements will include a new increased capacity drain and catch basin system, road pavement restoration, granite curbing, new cement concrete sidewalks, ADA compliant wheelchair ramps, new fiber conduit duct bank and geometric/safety improvements at the southern Concord/A Street intersection.

Sewer Pump Station Replacements - The City is currently in the second and final year of construction to replace four existing sewer pump stations. The design includes the standardization of the pump stations, which will provide greater enhancements to safety, serviceability, alarms and control, and availability of parts. Also, included in this project is an upgrade of various utilities and electrical services, as well as improvements for parking on Little Farms Road for visitors of the Carol Getchell Trail & boat launch.

Union Avenue Utility Improvements - The Union Avenue Utilities Improvement Project – Contract 1 work will resume in this month with the paving of Union Avenue between the Christopher T. Garrahan Memorial Bridge over the Sudbury River and Walnut Street.

Shortly thereafter, the Contract 2 portion of the Union Avenue Utilities Improvement Project between Walnut Street and Deloss Street will commence. Construction for Contract 2 will be conducted in phases and is set to take place over two construction seasons, 2018 and 2019.

Water and Wastewater Inhouse Capital Projects - A number of water and wastewater utility improvement projects will be completed by City crews, addressing identified utility service issues in the following areas: Cherry Street, Waverly Court, Middlesex Street, Rhubena Street, Poskus Road, Summer Street, Crestwood Drive, Indian Head Heights, and Salem End Road.

Roadway Resurfacing - A number of roadways will be resurfaced, including: Bantry Road, Blackthorn Road, Burton Road, Cavanaugh Road, Childs Circle, Crestwood Drive, Dana Road, Donna Road, Fairbanks Road, Fairbanks Way, Gil Leonard Lane, Hastings Street, Highgate Road, Highland Court, Leonard Road, Lohnes Road, Magnolia Street, Michaud Drive, Murray Road, Pitt Road (accepted portion only), Poskus Road, Ridgefield Drive, Rosslare Road, Sunset Drive, Tara Road, Woodside Cottage Way, Wyndstone Way, Sturgis Street, Normandy Road, Pearl Street, Sanger Street, Thompson Street, William H. Welch Way, Fenwick Street, Salem End Road.

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