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Posted on: April 6, 2018

Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer Presents the First Capital Improvement Program for the City of Framingham

Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer is pleased to present the first Capital Improvement Program for the City of Framingham. It is important to invest in the City’s valuable capital assets.  It is vital that we maintain the water mains (pipes) that convey our drinking water to residents in all corners of our community. It is essential that we repair roads and bridges that transport our citizens to school, work or play; maintain parks, fields and recreation facilities for robust quality of life; and maintain, repair or replace necessary equipment to fight fires, rescue citizens and clean the city.  It is our responsibility to repair, maintain and replace the buildings and other facilities where we teach our children, provide services to seniors, veterans, businesses, and residents, and conduct the business of governing.

The proposed Capital Improvement Plan addresses the essential capital asset maintenance needs of City Departments for the current construction season.  There are necessary projects to be managed by the School Department and our Roadway Management Plan that are a priority for this construction season.  The Capital Improvement Plan is subject to the referendum provision in the Charter, so projects may not begin until the 30 referendum period is over.

This plan identifies future capital needs both by Department and by asset type.  It includes improvements to infrastructure, equipment and facilities.  But this new City has some important decisions to make about our municipal buildings; both schools and operational centers.  Decisions that were put on hold as required by the Charter must now be re-evaluated and incorporated into the FY2020 Capital Improvement Plan.  We ask, and welcome, the citizens of Framingham to participate in those decisions.

Information included in the package provides the framework for the capital investment decisions in our immediate future and through FY2024.   “The choices are difficult; we must balance the upkeep of our equipment, infrastructure and buildings with our capacity to finance that cost and our ability to manage the work successfully.  Both the Executive and Legislative branches have a fiduciary and custodial responsibility to manage and authorize capital investment.  I am excited to present you with our first Capital Improvement Plan and I look forward to working with you on this important endeavor,” said Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer. 

Click here to view the Proposed FY2019 – FY2024 Capital Improvement Plan.

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