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Posted on: April 6, 2018

Nobscot Neighborhood Holds Great Potential and Needs Your Input to be Revitalized

There has been a lot happening in the Nobscot neighborhood – between Nobscot Library Hours and a new Nobscot neighborhood survey. The Mayor and municipal staff want to hear from you, whether you are a resident, work, own land, pass through, or once lived in Nobscot. Framingham and Nobscot are at an exciting point in time, where the development of a neighborhood village could be reestablished as an exciting, thriving community center.

Community, McAuliffe Library, Village, Chapel, open space are a few words that are used when discussing Nobscot, which is one of Framingham’s largest neighborhoods. Strategically located, with a competitive advantage to creating a livable, thriving, walkable neighborhood. Nobscot is one of Framingham’s oldest neighborhood centers and has been the recent focus of planning and infrastructure improvement efforts. Such focus started back in 2015, when Framingham’s Economic Development Industrial Corporation (EDIC) engaged with The Cecil Group to study the neighborhoods of Nobscot and Saxonville, known as The Villages. That effort progressed into an Action Plan prescribing a set of directives for the future of Nobscot. A few tasks from the Action Plan included the development of design standards and re-zoning (both of which are under development), as well as considerations for the chapel, Complete Street options, and transportation improvements. Such planning efforts have now evolved into a multi-department collaboration with the Mayor, the Division of Community and Economic Development, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Planning Board, the library, and the Nobscot community.

During the month of March, the Mayor initiated a collaborative effort with the Division of Community and Economic Development and the Planning Board by offering “library hours” in the McAuliffe Library. Such library hours made it possible for residents, landowners, and other stakeholders in the Nobscot community to express their concerns, ask questions, and offer their opinions and ideas about the future redevelopment of the area.

Consequently, since the response was so successful by those interested in this effort, the Mayor and staff wish to continue their public outreach effort to gather as much information as possible.  Therefore, staff will be present at the McAuliffe Library on Friday, April 13th (1:00pm-5:00pm) and Friday, April 27th (1:00pm-5:00pm).  A report compiling information received from the Nobscot Community hours will be posted to the Villages Website during the week of April 9th and will be amended in May to include the two additional April dates and all other information collected via email. 

Also during the week of April 9th a Nobscot Community Survey will be posted to the Villages Website. The survey will allow additional information and specific questions that arose during the Nobscot Community Hours to be addressed in more detail for clarification. The Survey can be accessed at

The Nobscot neighborhood holds great potential and needs your input to be revitalized with new destination offerings and opportunities. The Mayor and municipal staff encourage all those who identify, have lived or currently live, or utilize the Nobscot area to get involved and help the City with this exciting project. For more information or to provide questions/comments/concerns/or suggestions please email or  or visit the Villages website at

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