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Posted on: January 11, 2018

DRAFT Framingham Public Schools District Strategic Plan

Dr. Robert A. Tremblay, Superintendent of Schools is pleased to provide you with the attached DRAFT Framingham Public Schools District Strategic Plan for your review and comment.

The Framingham Public Schools Leadership Team began work on this document this past summer and fall - moving from philosophical discussions and visioning to goal-setting and action-planning - in order to build a guiding document aimed at school and district improvement with improved outcomes for student achievement over a three-year span.

Together, we incorporated priorities from a variety of existing district-developed documents and identified a number of areas that demand our collective action. We incorporated high leverage district goals to inform school improvement and turnaround plans and framed all of this within the context of state standards that connect easily to educator and leadership evaluation standards.

The review and comment period will remain open through the end of this month. In February, our district Leadership Team will reconvene to discuss the feedback that will have been provided during this public comment window in addition to feedback provided during the District Educational Visioning Sessions (a.k.a. "Community Roadshow") in November. It is our goal to integrate as much community feedback as possible in order to present a comprehensive, multi-year plan to the Framingham School Committee that is representative of a broad school community voice.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful reflection on this document that will serve as the backdrop for school improvement planning and budgeting from now through 2020. Feel free to provide any feedback to Dr. Tremblay directly at or (508) 626-9117. Click on the link below to review the DRAFT Framingham Public Schools District Strategic Plan.

DRAFT Framingham Public Schools District Strategic
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