Crime Scene Services

Bureau of Investigative Services
The Identification Bureau is staffed by 2 full time patrolmen, David Studley and John Norton, and is under the command of the Bureau of Investigative Services. These officers are responsible for processing all crimes scenes within the Town of Framingham.

Both officers have had extensive training in photography, videography, collection, identification and classification of fingerprints, collection, and processing of evidence including the recovery of footwear, tire impressions, and tool marks. They have trained with agencies such as the FBI, Massachusetts State Police, and the Middlesex County District Attorney's office.

In 2000, the Identification Bureau responded to and processed over 200 crime scenes, photographed over 230 crime scenes, accidents and pieces of evidence, and printed over 1,000 individual photographs.

Community Policing Projects
The bureau also participates in various community policing projects including the Citizens Police Academy, Project Identification (children's fingerprints/photographs), and provided the photographs for the departments baseball card program.