Planning Board

The Framingham Planning Board is an elected reviewing authority established by the Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) Chapter 41, Section 81A. 

Powers & Duties of the Planning Board

  • Adopt a master plan and official map for the Town (M.G.L. Chapter 41, Section 81A);

  • Adopt subdivision rules & regulations for the Town, reviews preliminary and definitive subdivision plans (M.G.L. Chapter 40A, Section 81K-81GG);
  • Drafts and submits zoning amendments for consideration by the Town for the Framingham Zoning By-law (M.G.L. 40A, Section 5);
  • Serves as a special permit granting authority for the Town;
  • Review of  site plans, public way access permits, and scenic road modifications (M.G.L. Chapter 40, Section 15C) applications; and

  • Acts as an adviser on other municipal land use regulations.
  1. Citizen Participation
  2. Initiatives
  3. Application Review Information

The Framingham Planning Board values and encourages public participation to shape the future land use patterns and initiatives of the Town. To ensure that all those who want to participate, have questions, and/or have comments are heard, the Planning Board has developed a Citizens Participation portal for information.

The Planning Board strives to:

  • Encourage public participation through an open and efficient process
  • Provide multiple channels of communication through new and traditional media to increase accessibility 

Citizens Participation Portal: 

  • Facebook--Connected with your elected government through social media
  • Development Projects--Projects currently under review by the Planning Board
  • Planning Board Initiatives--Current Planning Board projects – document and meeting information center
  • Plan-Build-Grow--The place to go for project development and information
  • Agendas--Planning Board meeting agendas and postings

Upcoming Events:

The Planning Board often looks to the public for their input on projects and initatives under the Board's review. Below is a set of links for that will provide you more information and will outline opportunities for you to provide comments.

The Framingham Planning Board is comprised of five voting members who are elected for a staggered term of three years each.

Member Serving Since Term Expiration  Precinct
Christine Long, Chair 2008 2017 2
Lewis Colten, Vice Chair 2013 2019 1
Victor Ortiz, Clerk  2013 2019 18
Thomas Mahoney  1999 2018 8
Stephanie Mercandetti 2012 2018 12
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