1. Accounting

    Learn about the services of the Accounting Department and view contact information.

  2. Animal Control

    Learn about the responsibilities and services of the Animal Control Department.

  3. Assessing Department & Board of Assessors

    Learn about the responsibilities and services of the Assessors Department.

  4. Board of Selectmen

    View a list of current members and meeting times.

  5. Capital Projects & Facilities Management

    Learn about the maintenance Facilities (Town Owned Buildings and Services) performs.

  6. Conservation Commission

    Learn about conservation lands, wetland regulations, and more.

  7. Community & Economic Development

    Learn about ongoing projects to improve housing, downtown appearance and more.

  8. Council on Aging

    Learn about the numerous services offered to older people in the community.

  9. Cultural Council

    Learn about the services provided by the Cultural Council

  10. Finance Division

    Overview and responsibilities of the Finance Division

  11. Fire

    Learn how the Fire Department serves the community.

  12. Government Channel

    View the cable access channel schedule, purchase a video tape, and more.

  13. Health Department

    Find answers to your health services questions.

  14. Human Resources

    Learn about the services provided by the Human Resources Department.

  15. Inspectional Services

    Learn when permits are required for construction.

  16. Library

    View the features and services of the Framingham Public Library.

  1. Licensing

    View the categories of licenses and permits issued.

  2. Loring Arena

    Learn about the town owned skating arena.

  3. Parks & Recreation

    Learn about recreation programs, park facilities, parks, and more.

  4. Planning Board

    Find downloadable forms, view fees, and learn about the Planning Board's responsibilities.

  5. Police

    View services provided by the Framingham Police Department.

  6. Public Schools

    View school calendars, lunch information, and much more.

  7. Public Works

    Learn about the wide array of services offered by the Department of Public Works. Public Works is made up of the following Divisions/Departments: Administration & Finance, Engineering, Fleet & Facilities, Highway, Solid Waste Management, Wastewater, and Water

  8. Purchasing

    Learn about the Purchasing Department services.

  9. Retirement Board

    Town of Framingham Retirement Board

  10. Technology Services

    Learn about the efforts made to provide quality telecommunications systems to the Town of Framingham.

  11. Town Clerk

    View the services provided by the Town Clerk.

  12. Town Manager

    Learn about the responsibilities and operations of the Town Manager's Office.

  13. Treasurer / Collector

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Treasurer / Collector.

  14. Weights & Measures

    View fees for services provided by the Weights and Measures Department.

  15. Veterans Services

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Veterans Services Department.

  16. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Learn about Department responsibilities and view schedules and decisions.