About Framingham


The City of Framingham is a diverse community located in eastern Massachusetts, 20 miles west of Boston. Framingham is 197 miles from New York City.

At nearly 67,000 inhabitants, Framingham is one of the larger cities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the hub of the Metro-West region. It is bordered by:
  • Southborough and Marlborough on the west
  • Sherborn and Ashland on the south
  • Natick on the east
  • Wayland on the northeast
  • Sudbury on the north


Our Mayor acts as the executive branch that governs the City, with a representative City Council serving as the legislative branch.

The residents of Framingham value public participation; before the transition into a city-form of government, Framingham was the largest municipality with a Town meeting form of government.

Community Qualities

Framingham has a unique blend of urban and rural qualities and offers:
  • Excellent public services
  • Well-respected school system
  • Full-service community teaching hospital