Traffic Commission

In accordance with Framingham Home Rule Charter, Article V, Section 6 (a), “There shall be a traffic commission which shall consist of the police chief, the fire chief, the director of public works, the superintendent of schools, or their designees, and four residents: one from the business community, one from the downtown area (defined as the area within a one-mile radius of the intersection of Routes 126 and 135), and two residents at-large. All resident members shall be appointed by the mayor. Such appointed members shall serve for three (3) year terms.”

MemberSeatTerm Expiration
Steven P. CrociCommissioner Representing Routes 126 & 135March 20, 2020
Mary Ann FlahertyCommissioner At LargeMarch 20, 2019
Daniel T. PhippsCommissioner Representing the Business CommunityMarch 20, 2021
Bruce N. YeamansCommissioner At LargeMarch 20, 2019