Sewer Pump Station Replacements Project

Each water spigot icon represents the approximate location of each pump station.
  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Status
  3. Neighborhood Meeting
The Sewer Pump Station Replacements Project includes the replacement of four existing sewer pumping stations (Eastleigh, Hancock, Little Farm and Shawmut). These four sewer pump stations serve the residential homes in the areas of Angelica Drive, Ditullio Drive, Hancock Lane, Little Farms Road, Brigham Road and Shawmut Terrace. 

These improvements will result in the following benefits: 

Much needed upgrading of the aged pumps and infrastructure
Elimination of out-dated ejector technology 
Provide greater efficiency and improve safety
Reduction of maintenance.  

The design will also include the standardization of the pump stations, which will provide greater enhancements to safety, serviceability, alarms and control, and availability of parts. Also, included in this project is an upgrade of various utilities and electrical services, as well as improvements for parking on Little Farms Road for visitors of the Carol Getchell Trail & boat launch.