Treasurer / Collector

image of treasurer collector banner


The Treasurer's / Collector's office is responsible for the billing, collecting, and investing of all monies due to the town including but not limited to:
  • Departmental permits, licenses, and fees
  • Federal and state reimbursements and grants
  • Motor vehicle excise tax
  • Parking meter receipts
  • Parking ticket fines
  • Personal Property tax
  • Real estate tax
  • Water and sewer bills
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Additional Responsibilities

  • Timely disbursement of all payrolls to the town, school, and retired employees and the associated Federal and State reporting requirements
  • Disbursement of all bill warrant payments to vendors
  • Reconciliation of checks and bank accounts

Payment News

The Town of Framingham's Treasurer / Collector's office is proud to announce the acceptance of Master Card and Visa payments in the office. These payments are for current real estate, personal property, water / sewer and excise bills only. There is a credit card convenience fee as follows:
  • Real Estate, Personal Property - 2.95% for major credit cards
  • Water / Sewer payments - Flat rate of $5.95 for all credit card payments and ACH is $0.40
  • Excise - 3.20% for major credit cards (minimum of $3.00) and ACH is $0.50