Street Banners

The Town of Framingham Street Banner Program allows the placement of banners on certain utility poles for the limited purpose of encouraging and promoting community identity, community organizations, community activities and events that are free and open to the general public. All Town Departments/Divisions and all other organizations and individuals must apply for approval under the Display of Street Banners Policy and Banner Application prior to installation of banner(s) through the Department of Capital Projects & Facilities Management. Please review the Policy on Display of Street Banners prior to completing the Application for Display of Street Banners below:

Banner reservations will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of Banner Application. Banner(s) are to be displayed for a maximum of two weeks on the street locations below:

    • Concord Street
    • Edgell Road
    • Mt. Wayte Avenue
    • Union Avenue

For additional information on the Display of Street Banners, please contact the Capital Projects and Facilities Management Department at 508-532-5485 or email