Get Involved

  1. Annual Craft Fair

    Check out our annual craft fair.

  2. Citizens Guide to Town Meeting

    Discover information about town meetings.

  3. Council on Aging Calendar

    Take a look at the Council on Aging's calendar to find the next event.

  4. Framingham Public Library

    Learn about the local library.

  5. Joseph P. Keefe Technical School

    Check out the local technical school.

  6. Parks & Recreation Schedule

    Take a look at the current Parks and Recreation schedule.

  7. Recreation Programming

    View a list of recreation programs.

  8. Town Bylaws

    Take a look at the town bylaws.

  9. Town Meeting Handbook

    Read the town meeting handbook.

  10. Town Meeting Video Broadcasts

    Watch the town meeting video broadcasts.

  11. Veteran's Services

    The Department of Veterans’ Services oversees the commonwealth’s veterans public assistance program, which provides financial, medical, and service benefits to qualified veterans and their dependents.