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Wondering about Lead in Your Water?

Did you know that Framingham has already replaced all of its known lead services?  Through a comprehensive Lead Service Replacement Program (LSRP) beginning in 2005, the City investigated all known or suspected lead service lines and worked with the property owners to get the service replaced from the main to the meter.

The last lead service was replaced in April of 2016 completing Framingham’s LSRP.  The brochure on the right from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) contains information about lead in drinking water, how it gets in the water and what can be done to minimize it. 

Please keep in mind that the leading contributor to lead in water is the service line and if you live in Framingham, this is no longer a concern.  If you have any questions about Framingham’s water, please call 508-532-6050.

Massachusetts Water Authority -Is there lead in your water?

Water is Life

Framingham Public Works recently made a documentary about the 50+ mile journey our water travels to reach us, the critical importance of maintenance and improvements to our infrastructure and the 27+ mile journey our wastewater travels to be treated and delivered back into the earths water cycle.

Responsibilities of the Framingham Water Department

  • Distribution of a public potable water supply through a complex system of pumps, pipes, valves, and reservoirs.
  • Provision of fire suppression service to the 17,000 residential and commercial accounts.
  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) Annual Drinking Water Report
  • 250 miles of pipe
  • 17,000 service connections
  • 2,000 hydrants
  • 4,800 gate valves
  • 22,000 meters
  • Four pumping stations
  • Two booster stations
  • Six above ground water tanks (storage capacity -nearly 9 million gallons)

Framingham Water System Analysis

Recently, Blake Lukis, Framingham Water and Wastewater Department Director, Ashley Dunn, Framingham Water and Wastewater Senior Engineer and Town of Framingham Consultant Robert Mackie of BETA, presented a paper on Framingham's Water Distribution System and it was published in the New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) Journal this month.  
Below is the paper that was presented. Reprinted with permission of the Journal of New England Water Works Association, V129 NO.3, September, 2015.

Framingham Water Distribution System Analysis