Parks A-C

Local Parks

Facility Activity
Anna Murphy Little League Field 16 Cove Ave. and Lake Ave.
Arlington St. Basketball Basketball 68 Arlington St.
Barbieri Soccer Soccer 100 Dudley Rd.
Barbieri Softball Softball / Soccer 100 Dudley Rd.
Bates Rd. Little League Field 40 Bates Rd.
Bowditch Baseball Baseball Field 475 Union Ave.
Bowditch Football Football / Soccer 475 Union Ave.
Bowditch Track Track 475 Union Ave.
Bowditch Basketball Basketball Court Walnut St. side
Bowditch Tennis Tennis Courts Walnut St. side
Brophy I Soccer 575 Pleasant St. (Rt. 30)
Brophy II Little League Field 575 Pleasant St. (Rt. 30)
Brophy III Pleasant St. Soccer - 6x6 575 Pleasant St.
Butterworth Baseball / Soccer 261 Grant St. (Bishop St. S)
Butterworth Softball Softball 261 Grant St. (Bishop St. S)
Butterworth Tennis Tennis Courts 261 Grant St. (Bishop St. S)
Cameron Soccer Soccer / Football 215 Elm St.
Cameron Little League 215 Elm St.
Carter Little League Field Dudley Rd. (Longs Complex)
Charlotte Dunning Little League / Softball 48 Frost St. (next to Walsh Complex)

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